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The query was updated and developed in collaboration with NSSP & CDC Division of Violence Prevention for a version 2 of the Sexual Violence syndrome. The syndrome is intended for rape prevention coordinators for their surveillance work at local and state health departments. The query has been added to the CCDD category and is named Sexual Violence v2.





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(,^[;/ ]T74.2^,OR,^[;/ ]T76.2^,OR,^[;/ ]Z56.81^,OR,^[;/ ]T742^,OR,^[;/ ]T762^,OR,^[;/ ]Z5681^,ANDNOT,(,^[;/ ]Z04.4[12]^,OR,^[;/ ]Z044[12]^,),),OR,(,^sexual ass[au]lt^,OR,^sexual ass[au][au]lt^,or,^sexual abuse^,),or,(,(,^ rape^,OR,^rape ^,),ANDNOT,(,^grape^,or,^scrape^,),),or,^sane exam^,or,^forensic nurse exam^,or,^ caart ^,or,(,(,^punch^,or,^force^,),and,(,^sex^,),)

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September 13, 2018

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