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Surveillance data on various notifiable diseases usually consist of multiple time series of daily, weekly, or monthly counts of new infections. Data are typically reported in several strata defined through administrative geographical areas, gender and/or age groups. Statistical modeling of the... Read more

Surveillance professionals from six states and one local public health agency in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Region 1 planned and attended the 2-day Workshop. Workshop attendees elected to explore how data sharing can support influenza-like illness (ILI) surveillance... Read more

This document details the timeline, planning meetings, and participants involved with the Region 1 Data Sharing Workshop in 2014.

This document details the introductions, debrief, reflections and next steps for a group that focused on the barriers and solutions to data sharing.


This document summarizes the pre and post survey results administered to participants in the Region 1 Data Sharing Workgroups ISDS organized in 2014.

The HHS Region 10 workshop engaged nine participants from state and local public health departments in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington with experience in syndromic surveillance that ranged from less than 1 year to over 10 years. Representatives from Alaska, which is also in HHS Region 10, were... Read more

The Division of Health Informatics and Surveillance (DHIS) team has been working to clean, standardize, and improve the quality of data on the Master Facility Table (MFT). The MFT provides a unique identifier for each facility along with facility name, location, type, and other essential... Read more

Sent on March 3, 2014, this letter summarizes the ISDS Board of Directors' response to preliminary recommendations that Laboratory Reporting and Syndromic Surveillance be removed as core measures for Eligible Hospitals in Stage 3 Meaningful Use. The letter strongly opposes this initial... Read more

This annotated bibliography summarizes close to 50 articles on syndromic surveillance using EHR data from hospital and ambulatory settings. The bibliography is a valuable resource for both practitioners and researchers as they continue to assess the feasibility and utility of using new types of... Read more

NSSP Onboarding has historically been a very labor intensive and manual process that requires a great deal of guidance and time investment from NSSP Onboarding Team members.  In order to meet future demand, Jurisdictions will play a greater role in managing the onboarding of local facilities.... Read more


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