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Visceral leishmaniasis (VL) is a zoonotic, protozoal infection that is endemic in Georgia, which commonly affects young children. In recent years, the incidence of VL has increased sharply and the geographic distribution has increased. Recently, VL moved to highly populated areas as new foci... Read more

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The World Health Organization (WHO) puts a great emphasis on the study of diseases related to using or consuming poor-quality water and the absence of proper hygiene. Unfortunately, consumption of poor-quality water causes certain diseases in Ukraine.

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One Health is defined as the intersection and integration of knowledge regarding humans, animals, and the environment, yet as the One Health scientific literature expands, there is considerable heterogeneity of approach and quality of reporting in One Health studies. In addition... Read more

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Despite the significance of disease reporting to any health system, Grenada like most countries struggle with underreporting of notifiable diseases by physicians. In order to improve the national disease surveillance system in Grenada, it is critical understand the reasons for any underreporting... Read more

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Flu Near You allows individuals to volunteer to be a sentinel node of the syndromic surveillance (SyS) network. The platform has the potential to provide insight into the spread of influenza-like illness (ILI). CDC’s ILINet is the gold standard for tracking ILI at the national level, but does... Read more

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In order to transition the forecasting, estimation and management of epidemic risks to individual administrative areas, the Agency for Consumer Rights Protection of Kazakhstan has developed a concept for modernizing the existing national system of the epidemiological surveillance (SES).

... Read more

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ARIs have epidemic and pandemic potential. Prediction of presence of ARIs from individual signs and symptoms in existing studies have been based on clinically-sourced data. Clinical data generally represents the most severe cases, and those from locations with access to healthcare institutions.... Read more

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Disaster epidemiology (i.e., applied epidemiology in disaster settings) presents a source of reliable and actionable information for decision-makers and stakeholders in the disaster management cycle. However, epidemiological methods have yet to be routinely integrated into disaster response and... Read more

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Influenza poses a global health threat. The disease affects all ages, often with variable clinical features.

Abidjan, where this study took place, has a long rainy season April-July with a shorter less intense rainy season October-November. Temperatures vary very little during the year.... Read more

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School-based influenza surveillance has been considered for real-time monitoring of influenza, as children 5-17 years old play an important role in community-level transmission.


To determine if all-cause and cause-specific school absences improve predictions of... Read more

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