So you just found out that your employer plans on conducting a drug test in the near future but has not indicated the exact date on which you will undergo the test. The worst thing about this announcement is that your employer has informed that all employees will have to undergo a hair drug test.

Now, anybody who has used drugs in the past would know that traces of the drug can be found in the hair for a period of up to 90 days. This means stuff that you did close to 3 months ago can show up in your report and make it seem as if you are high all the time. Needless to say, it is imperative that you find out how to pass a hair drug test.

Read ahead for some really useful tips to pass the test including a look at useful online resources like that can help you get the stuff needed to clear the drug test.

Try the Natural Way Out

One effective way to pass the test is to get bald. Get rid of your hair and let it grow again. This will ensure your hair is free of traces of drugs. However, this is easier said than done. A man may consider getting a haircut but a woman may find it impossible to go bald. Secondly, you are unlikely to get advance notice long enough for you to make sure you have a head full of hair after going completely bald. Further, it may seem suspicious if you cut your hair so often.

Pump it Out of Your Body

You can burn the metabolic remnants of the drugs by hitting the gym and working ours regularly. Keep in mind that going to the gym once won’t be of any use. You will have to work out hard regularly to ensure the stuff is thrown out of your body through sweat.

The hassle with this option is that it is of no use when you want to get rid of drug traces from your hair in a hurry. Secondly, working out is not everybody’s cup of tea. You may be too busy for it or may have a dull metabolism that makes it very difficult for you to sweat it out.

Use Detox Products

Check out products available at sites like for more info on how to pass a hair drug test. Focusing on your sweat when the drug is present in your hair does not make any sense. The smartest option would be to use a detox shampoo that cleanses your hair, freshens up your scalp, and simultaneously, gets rid of traces of drugs from your hair follicles.

Now, you may not get a haircut every day or may find it impossible to go to the gym on a daily basis. However, you certainly must take a bath every day. If you do, then you just need to use the shampoo on your hair to get the job done. The best part with this option is that you can be prepared for the test even if you get an advance notice of just a day.

You may, normally, take just one bath a day. But, nobody is stopping you from washing your hair a dozen times, right? Just use the shampoo repeatedly and you can detox your hair and know how to pass a hair drug test without any hassles.

Points to Consider

Traces of drugs in your hair depend on various factors including regularity of drug use and the dose you consume. If you are a regular user, then you need to detox your hair on a regular basis. If you are an irregular user, then you can use the shampoo at regular intervals without having to use it on a daily basis. In any case, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to hair drug tests.

You need to find the right site for buying stuff and for learning how to pass a hair drug test. If your employer has a zero-tolerance policy, then you may end up losing your job just because you relied on the wrong site. Don’t rely solely on the marketing statements made by websites. Focus on reviews from real users who have benefited from the detox product.

Finally, try using a product that gets the job done and does not harm your hair or leave a bad smell on your head. You should be in a position to conceal the fact that you are using such a detox shampoo.