Obtainable and Sustainable: Open Source Tools for the Future of Public Health


Public health can harness the power of increasingly available health population data to improve practice and effectively allocate resources to areas of need. The driving forces of Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) and Meaningful Use are changing how public health and the healthcare industry communicate with one another. Through open source interfaces, the ability and power to move this population data from the healthcare world to public health entities is obtainable and sustainable. This presentation will outline some of these open source tools that can help move public health into the future. 

Dave Heinbaugh
Surveillance Systems Manager
Tarrant County Public Health 

Dean Lampman
Regional Surveillance Coordinator
Tarrant County Public Health

Sharefa Aria
Health Informatics Manager
Tarrant County Public Health

Define what open source is and how it differs from commercial software

Compare legacy and open source solutions for public health

Understand how Meaningful Use and Health Information Exchanges are changing the future and delivery of healthcare

Understand the opportunity and demands of Meaningful Use and HIEs for public health and how open source can be a game-changer

Identify the importance of adding informatics skills in the public health workforce

This webinar was hosted by the Public Health Practice Committee.

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May, 2013

May 16, 2019

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