Executive Summary of the ISDS DTRA Consultancy Project 2014-2017


The International Society for Disease Surveillance (ISDS) fills the need for a practical forum and coordinating mechanism for collaboration among subject matter experts (SMEs) from stakeholder groups that may normally not interact but who, when brought together, enable innovative approaches to problems and solutions that are not possible by any one group alone. The objective of the Analytic Solutions for Real-Time Biosurveillance project was to advance analytic capabilities in real-time biosurveillance (BSV) by expediting next-generation solutions to currently intractable problems through focused consultancies that join end-user problem owners from civilian and military public health agencies with solution developers in academia, industry, and government. This approach helps to clarify key gaps in surveillance capabilities and to develop the requirements for knowledge management, algorithms, models, visualizations, and other solutions to address these gaps.

This report summarizes the consultancies’ goals and outcomes and offers ideas for possible future consultancies should additional funding become available.

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April, 2017

April 18, 2017

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