Cryptosporidium in Wild Frogs (Rana spp) Consumed by humans in Kaduna State Nigeria


Since Cryptosporidium can be transmitted by ingestion of infected food animals and poorly treated water and by direct contact it is possible for infection to occur through ingestion of under cooked frogs and through handling and processing of infected frogs. In Burkina Faso frogs caught are sold to market-women who treat the frogs by emptying their bowels and frying in oil before selling them, this is not always the case for the Nigerian frog markets where frogs are sometimes smoked or dried without necessarily been fried, before consumption . This may pose a health risk for transmission of cryptosporidiosis from infected frogs.



To evaluate the occurrence of Cryptosporidium species in edible frogs (Ranaspp) sold at the Hanwa frog market Zaria, Kaduna State,Nigeria

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September, 2017

September 07, 2017

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