There are many synthetic urine kits you can use to pass a urine test. In fact, many people use synthetic urine to pass their tests these days. They are more and more common and have come a long way since they were first developed.

Synthetic urine will work to pass urinalysis but which ones are the best synthetic urine kits? There are so many products out there but there are a few that stand out from all the rest. These are the ones that you want to use.

A really great urine kit to use is the Sub-Solution urine kit. It is easy to use, can be heated up in mere seconds, and is very accurate. It comes with a chemical heating powder that you can mix with the urine and get heated urine when you need it.

It also comes with a temperature strip to ensure that the temperature of the pee is where it needs to be. Sub-Solution is ideal for random testing thanks to its instant heating method. The urine that comes in the kit is also very close to urine-it smells like urine and foams up just like “real” urine.

The Purine powdered urine kit is also a very good choice. It comes with a heater and temperature strip. It also includes instructions. You may also want to get an extra heater and thermometer when you get this kit, though. It comes in powdered form and once mixed, it has all the necessary qualities to pass a urine test. It also smells and behaves (foams up when shaken) like urine. This test kit is a better choice if you don’t need the instant heating feature.

Quick Fix is also a really great synthetic pee brand. This company offers a two versions of the kit. The “plus” version includes more urine but otherwise, both kits are the same.

The Quick Fix kit includes a heater to get the urine sample to the correct temperature which can take up to 45 minutes. This can be a problem if you are randomly tested, but otherwise, it will do the trick. Quickfix urine does not have an odor which could cause suspicion if noticed.

U Pass, Magnum Detox, P-sure, and Clean Stream are also good choices, but overall, Sub-Solution is the best pick because it will enable you to pass a urine test if you are randomly tested.

A urine test is very thorough and tests for things such as pH, temperature, uric acid, nitrate, color, and odor. Normal pH levels should be between 4.6 and 8 and the temperature should be between 90 °F and 100 °F.

It is really important to choose a urine kit that is going to give you accurate results even if it costs more than some of the other cheaper brands. It is best to go with the best so that you will pass your urine test.

You want to go with a urine test kit that is reliable and accurate. There are many brands that are rip-offs and will let you down big time. Drug companies are always evolving and can detect any tampering more easily than ever before so go with the best out there.

If you run into the issue of having to take a supervised test, there are a few ways to get around that problem. You can tape your fake urine to your inner thigh, or wear dual undies and keep the bag in-between them. You can also keep your fake sample in your bra (if you are female) or in a special synthetic pee belt above your navel.

Even though you are being supervised, most likely you are not going to be watched too closely so you can get away with a little sneaky business without getting caught.

So, if you find out that you need to take a urine test-don’t sweat it. You are not alone and there are products that have been created to help you pass your urine test without detection.

Urine test kits have come a long way and are more accurate than ever. They are well worth the money if it will help you to keep your job or stay out of trouble. Just go with the brands that you know are going to be effective and don’t try to save a buck-it may cost you in the long run.